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Sunday, July 2, 2017:

Jan Frodeno, Eva Wutti triumph at IRONMAN Austria

Jan Frodeno is champion of IRONMAN Austria 2017.

Foto: Felix Rüdiger / Plan A GmbH

Jan Frodeno of Germany didn’t set any records but validated his Kona entry with a dominating victory at Ironman Austria. Eva Wutti of Austria ran down Michelle Vesterby and Corinne Abraham to finish with a 1:38 margin of victory at Kärnten... » READ MORE at

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14  BROWN, Cameron (NZL)
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45  BROWN, Cameron (NZL)
40  SHORTIS, Jason (AUS)
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12  BAYLISS, Bella (GBR)
12  BOWDEN, Lori (CAN)
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38  BISCAY, Hillary (USA)
33  BAYLISS, Bella (GBR)
32  KELLER, Fernanda (BRA)
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