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IRONMAN Series and IRONMAN 70.3 Series are the IRONMAN Triathlon World Series.

Distances / Legs

IRONMAN races consist of

•  2.4 mile (3.8 km) swim •  112 mile (180 km) bike •  26.2 mile (42.2 km) run

which adds up to 140.6 miles (226 km) of total racing (this is why it's called TRI226).

Most of previous IRONMAN races were staged over this standard IRONMAN distance, but a few due to the weather or traditionally also over shorter distances:

•  IRONMAN Korea 2004 and 2006
•  IRONMAN Neuseeland 1985, 1986, 1987, 2006 and 2012
•  IRONMAN Utah 2002

Before in 2006 IRONMAN 70.3 Series was launched, following IRONMAN races were held over the half IRONMAN distance, thus they will not be considered within the scope of TRI226 available (top-10-)results:

•  IRONMAN California 2002-2005
•  IRONMAN Europe 1989
•  IRONMAN Utah 2003
•  IRONMAN South Africa 2003 und 2004

Number of Races

Beside IRONMAN Hawaii, which was held 42 times up to now, 534 other worldwide IRONMAN races took place over the long distance. 1)

In 2013 IRONMAN Series includes 43 races worldwide (incl. IRONMAN Hawaii).

Competitive Races


IRONMAN World Championship

Highlight of the series is the IRONMAN Hawaii as IRONMAN World Championship every year in October. It's the counterpart to the IRONMAN World Championship 70.3 and takes place in Kailua, Hawaii/USA.

IRONMAN Hawaii Qualification

Age group athletes:

They can qualify for IRONMAN Hawaii directly by good position in one race of the IRONMAN Series. Furthermore qualification is also offered by a small number of races of the IRONMAN  70.3 Series.


Since September 2010 pro athletes cannot any longer qualify for IRONMAN Hawaii like age group athletes by good position in one race of the IRONMAN Serie. Now they have to collect points in several races of the IRONMAN and IRONMAN 70.3 Series to qualify by Kona Pro Ranking (KPR) for IRONMAN Hawaii.

Completeness of Results

Currently TRI226 is providing (top-10-)results of 533 IRONMAN races of 534 overall.

Completely missing is the following (top-10-)result:

•  IM Canada: 1987

Not completely gathered are the following 8 (top-10-)results:

•  IM Canada: 1988-1994 (7 races)
•  IM Korea: 2011 (1 races)

TRI226 is anxious to add missing (top-10-)results if it's possible.



1) Effective: June 2015
2) Without IRONMAN Hawaii; to IRONMAN Hawaii TRI226 provides all 42 previous (top-10-)results.

IRONMAN Rankings

Athletes (male) with most...

IRONMAN victories:

14  BROWN, Cameron (NZL)
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IRONMAN top-10 finishes:

45  BROWN, Cameron (NZL)
40  SHORTIS, Jason (AUS)
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Athletes (female) with most...

IRONMAN victories:

12  BAYLISS, Bella (GBR)
12  BOWDEN, Lori (CAN)
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IRONMAN top-10 finishes:

38  BISCAY, Hillary (USA)
33  BAYLISS, Bella (GBR)
32  KELLER, Fernanda (BRA)
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