IRONMAN Series - Race Schedule

Qualifying races for IRONMAN Hawaii, October 12, 2019:

08.26.2018IRONMAN Vichy (FRA) – AG 2) EU
09.09.2018IRONMAN Wisconsin (USA) – WPRO AM Top-10
09.09.2018IRONMAN Wales EU Top-10
09.09.2018IRONMAN Gurye (KOR) – AG 2) AP NEW 2017 Top-10
09.22.2018IRONMAN Italy EU NEW 2017 Top-10
09.29.2018IRONMAN Maryland (USA) – AG 2) AM
09.30.2018IRONMAN Chattanooga (USA) – MPRO AM Top-10
10.07.2018IRONMAN Barcelona (ESP) EU Top-10
10.07.2018IRONMAN Taiwan AP Top-10
10.13.2018IRONMAN Hawaii HW Top-10
10.14.2018IRONMAN Louisville (USA) AM Top-10
11.03.2018IRONMAN Florida (USA) – AG 2) AM
11.17.2018IRONMAN Malaysia AP Top-10
11.18.2018IRONMAN Arizona AM Top-10
11.18.2018IRONMAN Cozumel (MEX) AM Top-10
12.02.2018IRONMAN M. d. Plata (ARG) AM NEW 2017 Top-10
12.02.2018IRONMAN West. Australia AP Top-10


03.02.2019IRONMAN New Zealand AP Top-10
04.07.2019IRONMAN South Africa – AFC1) AF Top-10
04.27.2019IRONMAN Texas (USA) – NAC1) AM Top-10
05.05.2019IRONMAN Australia AP Top-10
05.11.2019IRONMAN San. Rosa (USA) – AG 2) AM NEW 2017
05.25.2019IRONMAN Lanzarote (ESP) EU Top-10
05.26.2019IRONMAN Brasil AM
06.09.2019IRONMAN Cairns (AUS) – APC1) AP
06.09.2019IRONMAN Boulder (USA) AM
06.23.2019IRONMAN Cork (IRL) EU NEW 2019
06.30.2019IRONMAN France EU
06.30.2019IRONMAN Haugesund (NOR) – AG 2) EU NEW 2018
06.30.2019IRONMAN Germany – EUC1) EU
07.07.2019IRONMAN Austria EU
07.14.2019IRONMAN UK EU
07.14.2019IRONMAN Vitoria-Gasteiz (ESP) EU NEW 2019
07.21.2019IRONMAN Switzerland EU
07.28.2019IRONMAN Lake Placid (USA) – MPRO AM
07.28.2019IRONMAN Canada – WPRO AM
07.28.2019IRONMAN Hamburg (GER) EU NEW 2017
08.03.2019IRONMAN Tallinn (EST) – WPRO EU NEW 2018
08.17.2019IRONMAN Sweden – MPRO EU
08.18.2019IRONMAN Copenhagen (DEN) – WPRO EU
08.18.2019IRONMAN Mt.-Tremb. (CAN) AM


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Qualifying races for IRONMAN Hawaii, October ?, 2020:

08.25.2019IRONMAN Vichy (FRA) – AG 2) EU
09.08.2019IRONMAN Wisconsin (USA) – MPRO AM
09.15.2019IRONMAN Wales EU
09.21.2019IRONMAN Italy EU NEW 2017
09.22.2019IRONMAN Gurye (KOR) – AG 2) AP NEW 2017
09.28.2019IRONMAN Maryland (USA) – AG 2) AM
09.29.2019IRONMAN Chattanooga (USA) – WPRO AM
09.29.2019IRONMAN Taiwan AP
10.06.2019IRONMAN Barcelona (ESP) EU
10.12.2019IRONMAN Hawaii HW
10.13.2019IRONMAN Louisville (USA) AM
10.26.2019IRONMAN Malaysia AP
11.02.2019IRONMAN Florida (USA) – AG 2) AM
11.24.2019IRONMAN Arizona AM
11.24.2019IRONMAN Cozumel (MEX) AM
12.01.2019IRONMAN M. d. Plata (ARG) – SAC1) AM NEW 2017
12.01.2019,IRONMAN West. Australia AP



1) IRONMAN South Africa, IRONMAN Texas, IRONMAN Cairns (AUS), IRONMAN Germany and IRONMAN Mar del Plata (ARG) are for pros upgraded regional IRONMAN championships:
- 4.000 KPR-points for winners
- US-$ 150.000 prize money in total per race (together for men and women)
- winners directly qualify for IRONMAN Hawaii

2) races in America, which are exclusively reserved to age group athletes. This races will NOT provide any KPR-points or priz money for pros. Furthermore, there is NO validation of IRONMAN Hawaii qualification possible for pros.


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Athletes (male) with most...

IRONMAN victories:

14  BROWN, Cameron (NZL)
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IRONMAN top-10 finishes:

45  BROWN, Cameron (NZL)
40  SHORTIS, Jason (AUS)
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Athletes (female) with most...

IRONMAN victories:

12  BAYLISS, Bella (GBR)
12  BOWDEN, Lori (CAN)
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IRONMAN top-10 finishes:

38  BISCAY, Hillary (USA)
33  BAYLISS, Bella (GBR)
32  KELLER, Fernanda (BRA)
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